About Us

We are Hephie's Cloud Kitchen

A delivery-only, food-as-a-service company.

Launched in May 2021, we leverage advanced operational models and technology in the ordering, preparation and delivery processes of our 30+ African cuisine menu.

We set out with a mission of infusing African cuisines and culture with technology and extreme customer experience to create a food technology company that serves a wide variety of African meals through our modelled industrial kitchens across several countries.
A unique blend of food, culture and technology.

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Food + Culture

With several years of home grown experience cooking the finest types of Africa dishes, we are excited to present our vision to the world: a showcase of the African culture through food, eliciting that home away from home feeling with every bite.

Technology + Experience

Our team of Hospitality professionals and Techies set out daily on a mission of delivering to you the best dining experience possible through a fusion of great tasting meals and best technology in food ordering and delivery. 

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